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31 May 2003, Saturday: Oslo - London

What was once considered a mere layover for a long, exhausting trip turned out to be a lavish coup d'grace. Then again, this is London, one of the most cosmopolitan metropoli on the planet.  

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The fun started as a simple ride on the double-decker bus from the parkside hotel at Lancaster Gate to the usual West End crowd depots -- the shops along Oxford Street, the seedy alleys of Soho, the aroma of Chinatown and the cinemas of Leicester Square. I didn't even want to burden myself with the camera, having thoroughly soaked my back with perspiration during the trip from Stansted on this sunny, warm and humid afternoon -- not to mention the dread of dropping the camera again, or having it snatched away.

After a 15:00 dinner of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding at The Shakespeare's Head on Carnaby Street -- I had the entire Victorian dining hall above the pub to myself -- I noticed that one of my most admired thespians, Sir Ian McKellen, is appearing at the Lyric on Shaftsbury. Forsaking any last pretense of frugality, I dropped the 34.50 for a very front row seat.

McKellen isn't the only living legend in this production of August Strindberg's sardonic Dance of Death (adapted by Richard Greenberg); with him is his longtime colleague, the brilliant Frances de la Tour. Together with Owen Teale and under the direction of Sean Mathias, this funny yet sad drama about a destructive marriage of two spiteful characters practically exiled in a remote Swedish island outpost has all the existential angst of an early Ingmar Bergman film (even Maja, a shadowy cloaked figure just short of a scythe of death, was

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