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Based in Seattle, Washington, Blue Earth Alliance supports photographic projects around the world that inform the public about endangered cultures, threatened environments and social issues.

Travel Sites
Whether or not you are a citizen of United States, it's a good idea to check on what the US State Department thinks of your particular international destination. Western Europe seems a world away from the troubled borders of Afghanistan or the treacherous jungles of Mindanao Island, but it has its share of recent alarms: witness ETA bombings in Spain and the foot-and-mouth epidemic throughout rural Britain. No matter where you go, be aware of the situation, know your surroundings, and keep a low profile.
Similar in function to the US State Department site above, this is Internet presence of the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office. Everyone will benefit from the information here, but UK travelers can also get help for applying their visas.
This is the link to  the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Once you've reviewed the information here and are ready to plan a trip to (or within) Australia, you may go to the country's travel portal, listed just below.
The URL and the site itself  are characteristically Aussie -- as straightforward as they get. Here I found my 9-day tour along the Great Ocean Road, from Melbourne to Kangaroo Island.
Island Packers are the official (and only) concessionaire to the Channel Islands off the coast of southern California. They brought me and my kayak to Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands on numerous occasions.
North Star organizes camping and kayaking tours in Alaska and Baja California. I joined a tour to Blackstone Bay in Prince William Sound in 1997.
This is one of the several Internet gateways to the English Lake District. It's where I began planning my trip in 1998.
More than a ferry service or a cruise line, the Norwegian Coastal Steamer is a paradigm of Nordic travel.
This is the North American portal of the website for the Swiss Bureau of Tourism. Through this site, I ordered my 8-day Eurail Pass and booked three hotel rooms for my Swiss holiday in summer 2002. Though the site is nicely presented in English, I found it quicker to complete my online transactions in German.
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