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North America and the Pacific

Australia and New Zealand

Australia (2001, 2004)

New Zealand (2002, 2004) 


The Alps: France (1999), Monaco (1999), Germany (2003), Switzerland (1999, 2000, 2002, 2003)

Northern Italy, Florence (2000)

Scandinavia: Norway (1999, 2001, 2003), Finland (2003), Sweden (2001, 2003)

United Kingdom: The North (1998), London (2000)


Boris Johnson (EPA)

Commentary    A Traveler's Life   


These Men Are Making Their Nations Great Again: Heroes of Donald Trump

Nightmare in Turkey

The Banality of Terror (Nice, France)

Boris Johnson, the John Falstaff of Diplomacy

Rules, Brittania!

Yes, Black and Blue Lives Do Matter, and Not Only When They're Lost

If We Can Only Pick Them Differently (a proposal to change the electoral process for the U.S. presidential election)

Brexit: 'Tis the Summer of Britain's Discontent


Missteps: Muslim Ire Over Western Satirical Cartoons

A Common Doom: An Imaginary Conversation between Osama Bin Laden and Richard Dawkins


Catastrophes That Hit Home


The Great Race Row of New Zealand-Aotearoa

Facing a Reality However Grim  (Margaret Hassan kidnapped in Iraq)

A Voice of Conscience (Human right abuses in Iraq and Gaza)

Looking into the Hearts of Darkness (Rwandan genocide remembered)

No to Violence and Guile (Elections in Spain and Taiwan)

When Will They Ever Learn? (11 March attacks in Madrid)


Tragedy in Stockholm: The Murder of Anna Lindh

Cleaning up a Dirty War

An Infernal August

To the American and British troops in Iraq

Consensus for Iraq

Train Tragedy in France

Columbia: The Ultimate Journey


War in Iraq?

Terror in October

Turkey and the European Union

Gibraltar and Leila/Perejil

Europe's Closing Door

The War on Terrorism Has Gone Cold

Olympics: Post No Ads Here


A Testament Against Terror



Travel Stories

Postcards from Athens (2004)

The Journey Continues (2003)

My Journal (2002-2004)

Planning a Trip (2000-2004)

Resolve at Anacapa (2000)

A Final Word (2000-2002)

Photography and Technology

Getting a computer the HARD way (2004)

Video Games! (2004)

Henri Cartier-Bresson (2004)

Digital Image Processing (2003)

Shooting in the Rain (2003)

My Cameras (1999-2004)

Landscape Composition Techniques (1999-2003)

Pop Culture

The Amazing Race (2004)

Return to Middle-Earth (By Way of Hollywood) (2004)

Thoughts on Tolkien (2001)

Dreams and Recollections

A Typhoon Remembered (2004)

Valse Triste (2004)

The Bet (2003)

The City of Elfanen (2003)



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