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2nd July, Tuesday: Grindelwald - Männlichen cable car

Hike: Kleine Scheidegg - Wengernalp - Wengen

I didn't have an itinerary for this day even as I left my hotel, and caught the first train for anywhere, as before -- back down to the Lauterbrünnen and Zweilüschinen.

    A quick detour to Grindelwald -- perhaps the most blatantly commercialized of the Jungfrau resorts, thanks to its motorway access and dizzying array of ski runs, facilitated by no less than 3 aerial cable cars. The Grindelwald-Männlichen connection is the longest in Europe.

A brief but vigorous walk brought me from the Grindelwald station to the cable car station, by way of paved paths behind rustic houses and pig pens -- a taste of what was to come later.


Aside from pork, poultry and cheese, everything else taken for granted by our mobile, cosmopolitan palate must be imported. The menu of the Italian restaurant I patronised twice had this entry: "horse meat steak -- why not try something new?" This naturally adds to the relatively high cost of food and dining in Switzerland.

* * * * *

Thick fogs made Männlichen a disappointing destination for today, but the 30-minute ride itself was most delightful. My impromptu travel companion and I enjoyed an alpine serenade at its best: a chorus of cowbells rung by the grazing herds!

Back at Grindelwald, I made the connection to Kleine Scheidegg (ever the staging ground for the hordes of Japanese tourists making their way to the Jungfraujoch), ordered a simple lunch of sausage and potatoes, and began what the map and the signs told me would only be a 2:45-long hike, a mostly downhill walk back to Wengen.

The 4-hour-long trek can be characterised by the following stages:

(1) Kleine Scheidegg-Lauberhorn. Rolling hills consisting mostly of meadows are now bedecked with the amazing colours of the Alpine spring.

(2) Lauberhorn-Wengernalp. The broken granite that keeps the paths intact REALLY HURT one's feet. The Eiger glacier and glimpses of the Lauterbrünnen

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