Journal: Pages 53-54

2003 UK - Germany - SWITZERLAND with father

(itinerary summary: no journal kept)

Wednesday 19 November: London

Los Angeles - London Heathrow

Tube to Kensington

British Museum, Indian dinner at West End

Anti-Iraq war protests and marches (G.W.Bush in London)

Thursday 20 November: Wengen

London - Stansted - Ryanair to Friedrichshafen - foggy ferry rider across Bodensee to Romanshorn, 1st-class train to Wengen, arriving near midnight

pizza at Wengen restaurant near closing hour

Friday 21 November: Wengen - Zürich - Jungfraujoch

Wengen - Jungfraujoch (very windy and snowy compared to summer visit in 2002)

Evening arrival at Zürich - walk down the Bahnhofstrasse decked in Christmas lights - sausage stands at train station before heading back


Saturday 22 November: Wengen - Genéve

Wengen - Genéve - walk and bus ride along Lac Leman and old town streets under heavy overcast sky - train station café for dinner

Sunday 23 November: Wengen - Bern

Wengen - Lauterbrunnen - Sunny walk in the near-empty arcaded streets of the Swiss capital Bern - chestnuts at the Clock Tower, visit at the Bern Cathedral

Monday 24 November: Wengen - Friedrichshafen

Wengen - crossing the Bodensee in a clear day - Friedrichshafen - long lakeside walk sans dinner

Tuesday 25 November: London

Friedrichshafen - visit of Zeppelin Museum before flying back to London, shrouded in wintry gloom - dinner of traditional English pies before seeing "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" at the Lodnon Palladium, where sis and I saw "The King and I" in 2000

Wednesday 26 November

London Paddington Express to Heathrow - Los Angeles

26 May - 6 June 2004
NEW ZEALAND (North Island volcanoes, South Island's Marlborough Sound)
AUSTRALIA (Uluru-Kata Tjuta)

Friday 26-28 May 2005

Qantas 156 leaves LAX LAX at 11:20 pm (23:20)

1 day lost whilst crossing International Date Line westward

Arrives in AUckland at 07:00

Drive: Hwy 20 - Hwy 1 - Hwy 47 - Hwy 46 (Whakapapa Village - The Grand Chateau at Tongariro National Park)

Photo Stops: Huka Falls, Taupo, , The Grand Chateau at Tongariro National Park

I indulged my first meal upon landing with my favorite road food. The delicious savoury pies (known as "pasties" in the British isles and, curiously, the upper peninsula of Michigan), stuffed with steak and mushroom in one and smoked fish in the other, were purchased at Nagruawahia by 9:00 am, washed down with vitamin-spiked orange drink. While I was at it, I also bought water, cherry tomatoes, mandarin oranges and cup-o-noodles at the nearby grocery store, a chain called New World.

Cold rain and mist: Classic temperate autumn resembled that of the Olympic Peninsula and the Inside Passage of British Columbia. I had the car radio to keep me company during the long drive, keeping it tuned to National Radio of New Zealand (news, classical, jazz, New Zealandia). The final approach to the Grand Chateau lent itself

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