Bergen, Norway
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My windows looked south
   into the fountain
   across the Parkveien
      just past the roses above the steel fence
      over the windowsill
   Trickling of water a constant reminder
      of the rains of Bergen
      though today the sky is Aegean blue
      and the birch leaves are aglow
         with the brilliance and warmth
         over the cedars of Lebanon
            the olives of Tuscany
            and the vines of Sonoma
Down the hill
   from the red church
      to the fish market
   Blanched faces and their squinting eyes
      beholding the Nordic summer sun
   Grunts of Fords, Fiats, Opels, Volvos, VWs and Hondas
      past a man, a trombone and "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
   Whiffs of salmon, tuna, whale, caviar,
      lobster, scallop, prawn, crab --
      -- boiled, chilled, served in the shell for kr45
          soft, most, briny morsels
          sided by tangy berrys for kr15 more --
      Sirens, alarms, Nokia phones
         A Babel of Norsk, English, Deutsch, Français,  
         Nippongu, Putonghua holding camcorders, postcards
         and ice cream cones...what is the taste of Irish Mist?
         ...unskyld, tusen takk, vaer så god
         Up the hill
      back to the university
and the Parkveien
   Past the Catholic church
            the Arab kebobs
            the streetside basketball game
            the library
            the carnival at Lille Lundgegårdsvann
A cloud of impressions, their immediacy soon
            to be remembered, not felt
            to be reminisced, not relived
As ephemeral as these balmy days
of Bergen-by-the-Mediterranean

CW, 10th July 1999

Photos are taken with the Nikon F100, 28mm f2.8 lens, scanned ISO200 film.

Norway 1999



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