Berner Oberland, Switzerland


Approaching Wengen -- The final mile of the walk from Kleine Scheidegg takes the hiker through the dense forest of firs, pines and ferns, and into the paved service roads of Wengen and Lauterbrunnen. Cows greet guests by ringing the bells around their necks as they graze, but their odor is just as conspicuous from afar.

Having long been accustomed to the low humidity of southern California, hiking in Europe is always a sweaty affair for me. The meager half litre of water I carried practically all ended up on my back, soaking my shirt. When I came upon the first snack bar at the fringe of town, I downed a bottle of Coca-Cola in less than a minute.

These photos are taken with the Canon G1 digital camera.

Switzerland 2002

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