Florence, Italy

Duomo -- Brunelleschi's octagonal dome for the Duomo, then the largest in the world, was built between 1418 and 1434. The master architect did not live to see the completion of the lantern atop the dome, however; it was completed by no less than four successors in 1471.  Between 1571 and 1579, frescoes inside the dome were painted by Don Vincenzo Borghini, Vasari, Zuccari and their respective assistants, notably Passignano; before then the interior was marble white, as was much of the cathedral proper.  The best view of the dome as a whole can be seen by climbing to the top of the campanile, as I did for the photo at left;  the dome itself is also scaled daily by the multitudes of visitors.

These photos were taken with the Canon Pro70 digital camera.  The photo at right was corrected for distortion.

Florence 2000

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