Kobbelveid, Norway

Lest they forget -- The hotel that lays claim to this waterfall along the E6 has built a staircase all the way to its bottom, and for a good reason. There, beneath the pretty scenery, is an unfinished tunnel built by Russian and Norwegian prisoners of war under German command, a part of their wartime effort to build a railway connecting Fauske to Narvik, and points further north and east. 

To this day, Norwegian rail never does go further north than Fauske (it does extend 62 km to the west, reaching the port of BodÝ). Yet the POWs did lay the groundwork for what is to become the extensive system of roads along the craggy, serrated north coast, leading to Sweden, Finland and Russia.

This photo is taken with the Nikon D100 digital SLR with the Nikon 20mm f/2.8 D lens.

Norway 2003

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