River Torne, Finland

Karelian Pastorale -- A short stretch of the Torne, which originates from the Norwegian coastal mountains and ends at the Gulf of Bothnia, serves as a natural boundary between Finland and Sweden. Much further upstream, the river flows from the dams to the east of  Torneträsk, a fjord-shaped lake that freezes between November and June, and is a popular recreational venue in Swedish Lapland.

Having spent a few years in the upper American Midwest, I immediately identify this landscape of lakes, forests and glacial moraines with their counterparts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. As every rural resident there knows, the Great Lakes Region is known for its bleak winters, drab springs, mosquito-plagued summers, and glorious autumn colors of red and gold.

Regarding the summer pestilence, my friend in Leppäjärvi said with a smile, as she treated me a cup of instant coffee: "It's only a problem if you think it's a problem."

This photo is taken with the Nikon D100 digital SLR with the Nikon 20mm f/2.8 D lens.

Scandinavia 2003

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