The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

In Memoriam -- The Lord Ard, carrying Irish immigrants, was logging her final miles to Melbourne on a sunny, windy day in April 1859 when she was approaching too dangerously close to the shoreline reefs. The captain ordered the sails furled and anchor dropped, but the anchor failed to hold fast to the sandy sea floor. By the time the crew desperately cut off anchor and unfurled the sails to move away, it was too late. 

Amongst  the 430 or so passengers and crew, only two survived: an 22-year-old apprentice sailor heroically dragging a 18-year-old woman to the shore, keeping her warm until help arrived. All Australians following this sensational story wanted the couple to marry, but Miss Pearle, having lost her entire family, sailed back to Ireland at the earliest opportunity.

[All dates and numbers to be verified later.]  This photo is taken with the Canon G1 digital camera.

Australia 2001

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