London, England

St Paul's Cathedral -- Closely following Roman models, Christopher Wren's Baroque masterpiece has itself become a Neo-classical paradigm, particularly for the government edifices of America. Concerts frequently take place on its imposing front steps, where the magnificent dome, a defining feature of the London skyline, cannot be seen.

Eleven years ago, I came here not with a camera, but a sketchbook. Descending from the top of the dome, I came to the steps to hear music written by my friend Geoffrey, court composer for the Queen Mother.  We had a long conversation about the state of the English people.  Our observations included such seemingly incongruous nouns as order, conformity, openness, pride and resilience: they could very well describe the architecture looming before us.

This photo was taken with a Nikon F100 with f2.8 28mm Nikon AF D lens, and Fujicolor NPH135 ISO 400 film.

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